About Abrams Business Management Services


Your business is more than its operations and the products/services it provides. Your business is…YOU! I work with YOU to determine the best solutions for YOUR business, based on my experience across a wide range of industries and the resources available. Best practices are those practices that work for YOU and YOUR company; not necessarily those meant for large corporations.


Notice my tag line: “My Business is Your Business” I don’t succeed if you don’t succeed. I am your partner in success. I will treat your business as if it were my own and will never suggest a path that I wouldn’t be willing to take myself under the same or similar circumstances.


Believe me when I say that there is nothing going on in your business that I haven’t seen before or straightened out. I’ll take care of things so that you can focus on what’s  important: Family, strategic planning and growing your business.

About Michael Abrams

Michael brings over 25 years experience working with small- to medium- sized businesses in the areas of accounting & financial reporting, including forecasting, budgeting and cash flow projections. He has worked with various sized businesses from entrepreneurial start-ups to companies generating millions of dollars in revenue each year.

As the Senior financial employee in these companies, Michael obtained exposure and experience in overall company operations management (e.g., warehousing operations) in addition to business taxes, human resources, payroll, workers’ compensation programs (including safety programs) and benefits administration. He was also the lead person dealing with outside 3rd party professionals (insurance agents, CPAs, attorneys, etc.) as necessary for negotiations and general business issues. Additionally, Michael is experienced in sourcing, acquiring, configuring and implementing accounting software programs and writing policy and procedure manuals.

Due to his diverse industry experience, Michael is able to quickly identify areas in a business that need attention and to apply workable, viable solutions in a quick and decisive manner. Simply put, Michael will take of your business and give you the peace of mind knowing things are in order and on time!

Vision Statement

To apply my God-given talents with integrity, humility and a focus on the customer in order to assist my customers in achieving their goals.


Mission Statement

The goal of Abrams Business Management Services is to take sometimes complex and/or convoluted business, tax & customer service concepts and simplify them by re-stating them in non-technical terms so that  my customers can more easily understand them in order to better utilize them in their businesses to further their success.