Abrams Business Management Services will focus on your individual needs and treat you…and your business…with the attention you, and it, deserves. I offer a full range of professional services to partner with you in your success and the success of your business.

Accounting Software Selection & Implementation

Choosing the right software for your business is critical for accurate and timely financial reporting. Having the wrong software just adds needless stress while you are trying to run your business. I have experience in sourcing, designing, and implementing accounting & bookkeeping software solutions and will work with your technology vendor to be sure you have the right solution at the right price.

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Bookkeeping & Financial Reporting

Every business…EVERY business…needs accurate and timely financial information, prepared by a competent individual. For most small business and start-ups, a competent, full-time bookkeeper/accountant can be quite costly. Also, most small business/start-ups don’t need a full-time person handling these tasks. I can be your “outsourced, in-house” accountant for a fraction of the cost, while bringing a level of competency that is hard to find these days.

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Budgeting Forecasting & Cash Flow Projections

Solid financial forecasting and a well thought out budget helps to keep you focused and highlights areas of concern. I will help you create meaning forecasts & budgets that provide real-time feedback on the results of your operations. From these forecasts/budgets, we can create cash flow projections to provide further insight into your operations.

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Business Management Consulting

As a true partner with you in your business, I am available to help you with any number of things that come up when running business, from general operational advice to long-term project consulting/management and business entity selection. Selecting the appropriate form of business (i.e., sole proprietor, partnership, corporation, etc.) is very important for tax considerations, as well as general operational considerations.

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Customer Service Training & Enhancement

I am a proponent of World Class Customer Service and offer advice and training in this area. Unless you have a unique offering, the only thing that substantially differentiates you from your competition is…CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Let’s look at your operation and see how you can be the different one!

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Debt Management & Elimination

When you carry debt, the money you make isn’t yours. It already belongs to a creditor. There is a fallacy in society that a perfect credit score is somewhere around 850. But I will show you why you should strive to have a credit score of…ZERO! That’s right…ZERO! Let’s get rid of your debt and start building YOUR wealth; not the banks’ and credit card companies’.

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Financial Analysis

Sometimes there is a need for more creative, targeted financial reporting and interpretation in order to give you a better picture than what standard financial statements provide. I can create those reports for you and add them to your monthly financial reporting package, so you have the FULL picture of your business.

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Payroll Services

I can handle all your payroll needs from the simple one- to two-employee operation to processing your payroll accurately and on-time for 100 employees or more. All payroll services include quarterly and annual tax filings, direct deposit and retirement plan contributions among other things. Accurate payroll reporting is not only important for your employees but is critical for Worker’s Compensation Insurance audits.

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Tax Services

There are many types of taxes a business…and the business owners…need to deal with. I’ll examine your situation and be sure that all taxes are properly addressed. Everything from sales & use taxes to business personal property tax and payroll taxes, in addition to income tax preparation. Various sorts of business licenses fall under this category as well.

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